Free Workshop for Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Sufferers!

Shoulder Pain relief Elkhorn & Fremont, NE

Sometimes the pain you’re feeling is more than “an old sports injury.” A decreased range of movement and other problems in your shoulder can profoundly impact your ability to live a normal, pain-free life. Many people don’t realize that their shoulder problems are orthopaedic conditions that can be treated.

Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical therapy is offering a FREE workshop where you can learn what could be causing your shoulder pain and what to do about it without medications, injections or surgery.

Date: March 13th, 2019
Time: 5:15pm-6:15pm
Location: Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
1515 S. 204th St. Suite 105
Elkhorn, NE 68022

Sign up by calling 402-620-4605 or by filling out the form below.

Here are some of our success stories!

Back to independent living!

When entering the clinic for my first visit, I was unable to raise my arm high enough to take my coat off and on by myself. It was a huge accomplishment to complete that task independently by the 4th or 5th visit, continued to improve, and was eventually able to graduate wearing my NOPT t-shirt that I pulled on over my head with no assistance. Getting back to independent living following my shoulder surgery would not have been possible without the exceptional therapy services and home exercise program offered by Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.